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Experts on Immersive Audio Productions & Dolby Atmos


What we do

Since 2017 we dedicated ourselves to creating award-winning, stunning & immersive music experiences - whether it's in Dolby Atmos, SpatialSound Wave or Binaural.
We have developed a skillset that will elevate the listeners experience and lets your music stand out from the rest.

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What we offer

Mixing - Immersive /
Dolby Atmos

  • Send us all your Multitracks / Full Project and get the best possible outcome.

  • With your Stems we create immersive 3D-Audio Mixes.

  • Even with Stereo files we can create an immersive Upmix.

Mastering - Immersive / Dolby Atmos

  • Let us do the finishing touches of you Dolby Atmos Mix in Mastering.

  • Assembling a Dolby Atmos album can be tedious task – we will do that for you.

  • Get the quality of your Dolby Atmos Mix checked in our Dolby approved Studio.

  • We check if all the specifications for a Dolby Atmos release are met.

Immersive Production - Composing - Sound Design

  • The best results can be achieved when thinking "3D-Audio" already in planning and production

  • Our speciality is Composing, Producing & Arranging for immersive audio formats

  • We also developed a special skillset for Recording for Dolby Atmos - For Music & Sound Design


Partners - Artists - Brands

We cater to different industries - Mostly Music but also Installations, Shows, Fairs and Product Development.
This is a short excerpt of Musicians and Companies that recognized the opportunities of 3D-Audio.