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Experts on Immersive Audio Productions & Dolby Atmos

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Project Conception, Supervision & Consulting

  • For your immersive audio project / installation we can provide you with supervision or execution during:

    • ​Conception

    • Planning

    • Realization

    • Final Approval

Composing, Sound Design & Production

  • The best results can be achieved when thinking "3D-Audio" already in planning and production

  • Our speciality is ComposingProducing & Arranging for immersive audio formats

  • We also developed a special skillset for Recording for Dolby Atmos - For Music & Sound Design

Immersive Audio / Dolby Atmos Mixing

  • Send us all your Multitracks / Full Project and get the best possible outcome.

  • With your Stems we create immersive 3D-Audio Mixes.

  • Even with Stereo files we can create an immersive Upmix.

Immersive Audio / Dolby Atmos Mastering 

  • Let us do the finishing touches of you Dolby Atmos Mix in Mastering.

  • Assembling a Dolby Atmos album is a tedious task – we will do that for you.

Quality Control & Specifications Check

  • Get the quality of your Dolby Atmos Mix checked in our Dolby approved Studio.

  • We check if all the specifications for a Dolby Atmos release are met.

Our Services

Since 2017 we dedicated ourselves to creating stunning & immersive audio experiences - for Music, Installations or R&D, whether it's in Dolby Atmos, SpatialSound Wave or Binaural.
We have developed a skillset that will elevate the listeners experience and lets your project, music or product stand out from the rest.


Our latest Clients

We cater to different industries - From Music, Installations, Shows, Fairs and Product Development.
This is a short excerpt of Musicians and Companies that recognized the opportunities of 3D-Audio.

About Us
Immersive Sound Studio - High Tide Control Room B - Mixing for Dolby Atmos

About Us

High Tide Studios were founded in 2011 as a high-end music production facility near Cologne - Germany. We gained interest in Immersive Audio as early as 2015 and have been evangelists ever since. 2017 we remodeled "Control Room B" to become our Immersive Sound Studio. The team and partners of High Tide have been involved in major audio productions in 3D-Audio / Immersive-Audio for different platforms and applications such as Dolby Atmos and SpatialSound Wave for installations, automotive and consumer music platforms.

Lennart Damann -
Founder, Engineer & Producer

Lennart "Lenni" is one of the original founders of High Tide. His focus has always been to provide excellent quality and service to his clients. Over the course of the past 11 years Lenni has worked with hundreds of clients around the world - in music and commercial projects.
Following a set of rules just to be one of many or in this case - just to sound like everyone else - bored him. His goal has always been to capture the energy of a project and find new ways to elevate this energy. Whether it's been for stereo or immersive 3D-Audio experiences.

Immersive Sound Studio - High Tide Studios - Lennart Damann
Immersive Sound Studio - High Tide Studios - Benedikt Ernst

Benedikt Ernst -
Engineer & Producer

Benedikt studied audiovisual media in Stuttgart with focus on Audio-Engineering. He joined the team at High Tide for an internship while specializing in 3D-Audio Production. His focus was to explore the possibilities of Dolby Atmos and SpatialSound Wave just to go beyond and try new ways to create real immersive 3D-Audio experiences.

Tobias Bartsch -
Composer & Sound Designer

Tobias studied piano and composition and is now specialized in creating bespoke music and sounddesign for film and commercial use. With his ability to cover a wide range of genres and an exceptional ear to detail he can capture vision and energy of any project and give it its very unique and recognizable sound. From full blown orchestral arrangements to electronic sounds or minimalistic piano pieces - everything is possible. And now even in a 3D-Audio Space.


Bob Vogston -
Producer & Sound Designer

Bob is part of High Tides producer team while also running his very own "Lipaka Studio" on the premises of High Tide Studios. His speciality is to give productions a very unique feeling and sound by thinking outside the box. He digs down into every little detail of a song and always finds something (as small as it may be) to make it more special, to create a new vibe or simple to make it better.


Lets get immersed in audio together...

Reach out to us so we can help you to achieve a new level of Immersion in 3D - Audio




High Tide Studios
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